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Traslochi con container Palermo

International removals also with containers

Minibus bianchi

Moving to another state or to another continent with the Salamone company is possible at competitive prices and with the certainty that everything is done with efficiency, precision and speed. Our company, in fact, specializes in  international removals  and is able to take care of all handling and transfer operations anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the collaboration with operators and international correspondents of primary importance throughout the international scene, Salamone srl is able to satisfy every import / export need, organizing  international removals also with containers  and directly handling the handling of customs procedures.

If your need is for intercontinental transport or relocation with containers, don't worry, we'll take care of everything.
The company carries out  international and intercontinental removals  satisfying the customer's needs ranging from simple transport to door to door, including all import and export practices, up to convenient international groupage services.

Traslochi intercontinentali Salamone
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